Wetland Delineation Training – Great Job Kelly

By October 19, 2018News

2018 Wetland Delineation Training Course

Wetland Training Institution

Fall of 2018 Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. enrolled team member, Kelly Dvorak, in the Wetland Training Institution’s Wetland Delineation Course.

Class Overview:

This 40 hour certification course took place in Portage Wisconsin and followed training requirements specified by the Corps of Engineers. The class was led by instructor Charlie Newling, one of the original authors of the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual.

The class was split between lecture and field work. The lecture portion of the class was held at the inspiring Aldo Leopold Foundation Legacy Center outside of Portage WI. The field work portion of the class was held various wetland environments in the area.

The class focused on the technical guidelines for wetland delineations, field indicators for vegetation, soils, and wetland hydrology. Methods for making jurisdictional determinations and methods to apply in difficult situations were also practiced in both the class room and in the field.

Staff Review of the Course:

Kelly: I am returning from this class with newfound confidence about performing wetland delineations. Charlie was a wonderful instructor. He was able to breakdown the detailed 1897 Corps of Engineers Manual in a way that both experienced and inexperienced wetland scientists could learn. He gave great examples from his many years of performing delineations. My favorite thing to learn was how to troubleshoot a problem area and learn what steps to take to determine if an area of interest is truly a regulated wetland or not.

This course was very beneficial to my training and now I will be able to more efficiently and thoroughly provide regulated wetland delineations for clients. I am thankful LEI was able to enroll me in this course and help me move forward in reaching my career goals.