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Lake Association & Township Lake and Watershed Management Plan

By Water Resources

Lakeshore Environmental conducted a comprehensive lake study of a 286-acre lake located in Michigan to assist a Lake Association with the development of a long-term Lake and Watershed Management Plan. The lake contained over 25 acres of Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) and received external inputs of nutrients and sediments from the surrounding watershed. As a result of the study findings, the Lake Association considered a solution including the use of systemic aquatic herbicides, possible implementation of a lake-wide laminar flow aeration system and integration of watershed management practices. During the course of the study, Lakeshore:

  • Conducted whole-lake aquatic vegetation surveys of the lake to document the presence and relative abundance of aquatic plant native and non-native species
  • Evaluated the overall health of the lake ecosystem and trophic state
  • Addressed watershed land use issues such as erosion and sedimentation to improve water quality within the lake
  • Developed Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to help homeowners protect the lake
  • Investigated the feasibility of utilizing a whole-lake aeration system for improving water quality and reducing aquatic vegetation through reduction of sedimentary benthic carbon dioxide
  • Developed a 5-year financial budget for the local municipality and Lake Association to utilize for implementation of the suggested improvements

Water Quality Grant

By Environmental Incentives, Water Resources

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) assisted a West Michigan waterfront community in obtaining a $24,000 grant through the Coastal Zone Management Program administered by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

The grant was used to compile local water quality data in a centralized document, conduct local workshops to educate the public on water quality concerns and remedies, and create a Clean Water Legacy Plan for future community waterfront planning efforts.