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Upper Peninsula Community Benefits from Retail Development

By Environmental Site Assessments

A retail developer for a national chain obtained Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) for environmental services related to the acquisition and redevelopment of a former auto repair facility in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Environmental services involved the completion of an All Appropriate Inquiry ASTM E 1527-05 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, asbestos survey, comprehensive Phase II Subsurface Investigation, Baseline Environmental Assessment, and Due Care Plan.  LEI also worked with the developer during redevelopment activities to ensure that exacerbation of contamination did not occur and that potential unacceptable exposures were mitigated.

Industrial Business Expands into New Facility

By Environmental Site Assessments

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) assisted a growing West Michigan based manufacturing company (the client) with the acquisition of a 300,000 square foot industrial facility.  LEI’s services were designed to meet the lending requirements of a local lender and the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Initially, LEI completed an All Appropriate Inquiry ASTM E 1527-05 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, which revealed numerous recognized environmental concerns.  To address these concerns, LEI performed a Phase II Subsurface Investigation consisting of numerous soil borings and collection of soil and groundwater samples.  Results from the investigation revealed that the property was contaminated with various metals and volatile organic compounds.

Based on the presence of these hazardous substances, at levels above Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Part 201 Cleanup Criteria, a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) was completed and submitted to the DEQ on behalf of the client.  A Due Care Plan, demonstrating compliance with applicable due care obligations, was also prepared and submitted to the DEQ for approval.  DEQ approval was granted, the lending requirements were met, and the client purchased the facility.

Sustainable Business Growth through Water Conservation

By Sustainability

One of Michigan’s most precious resources is our water, both on the surface and underground.  The sustainable use of groundwater resources has become a high priority for LEIs food processing and mining clientele.  Sometimes water conservation comes with a price that goes beyond the savings in water production costs: decrease water use often results in a more concentrated wastewater stream.

LEI manages several sites where water conservation measures have resulted in a savings of millions of gallons of water and assists these facilities in the sound management of a more concentrated wastewater stream.

Complex Hydrogeology Not Too Complex for Lakeshore Environmental

By Natural Resources

Michigan’s shallow aquifers are located in a variety of soils placed underground through the activities of ancient glaciers or the activity of man through backfilling.  As a result, the hydrogeology of many facilities in the state is complicated by varying layers of brick, wood, clay, silt, sand and gravel.

The staff of experienced geologists, hydrogeologists, and scientists at Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) assisted a northern Michigan specialty crop food processor in the completion of a hydrogeological study and remedial investigation which provided the information needed by state regulators to avoid penalty and obtain a groundwater discharge permit.  This scenario is common in all parts of Michigan and LEI has demonstrated effective geological interpretation at a variety of facilities.

Invasive Species and Habitat Restoration Grant

By Environmental Incentives, Natural Resources

On behalf of a private mining company, Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) obtained a $15,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to eradicate invasive plant species (phragmites) that had overtaken an area of coastal waterfront known for its diverse migratory shorebird habitat.

The grant funds, along with an additional private investment of $5,000, were utilized to eliminate the phragmites, restore native vegetation, conduct educational workshops, and devise a long-term invasive species management plan for the mining company.

Water Quality Grant

By Environmental Incentives, Water Resources

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) assisted a West Michigan waterfront community in obtaining a $24,000 grant through the Coastal Zone Management Program administered by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

The grant was used to compile local water quality data in a centralized document, conduct local workshops to educate the public on water quality concerns and remedies, and create a Clean Water Legacy Plan for future community waterfront planning efforts.

Brownfield Redevelopment Incentive Package

By Brownfields, Environmental Incentives

To assist a growing marketing firm desiring to expand in a West Michigan waterfront downtown community, Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) provided various environmental services related to the acquisition and redevelopment of a contaminated property within the city.

These services were funded via a $220,000 Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Brownfield Redevelopment Grant and a $50,000 low-interest Economic Development Corporation loan through the local community (to be paid back from new tax revenue generated as a result of the redevelopment).  In addition, LEI was instrumental in securing a $200,000 Michigan Business Tax Credit to further incentivize the redevelopment of this property based on the financial investment and job creation.

Groundwater Age Dating and Recharge Assessment

By Projects, Sustainability

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) was awarded a research grant from the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation to conduct an assessment of groundwater age and rate of recharge using environmental tracers.  The goal of the grant project was to determine the sustainability of groundwater use at a specific Muskegon County location.

LEI installed numerous shallow and deep nested monitoring wells at a large property for the purpose of collecting groundwater samples for laboratory analysis of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-11, -12, and -113 parameters – key groundwater age indicators.  During recharge, water picks up a CFC signature based on the atmospheric concentration of CFCs, and groundwater retains its characteristic CFC concentration.

Laboratory analytical results indicated that the groundwater age in the shallow wells ranged from 21 years to 43 years and the groundwater age for the deep wells was approximately 58 years.  The topographic and hydraulic gradients, groundwater elevation data, and laboratory data indicate that the younger, shallow water mixes with the deeper older groundwater near the point of discharge.

The results of this research could aid in creating sustainable development concepts and decrease disruption to the aquifer recharge and the natural interaction of the groundwater/surface water interface.  Based on the results of this study, LEI has been retained by two businesses to assess whether their processes involving groundwater usage is sustainable.  This interest supports the growing concern for a sustainable water supply for current and future generations.

Commercial Nursery Cleanup

By Projects, Remediation

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) conducted a Phase I ESA at a commercial nursery and identified stained soils and the former presence of two underground storage tanks (USTs) on the Site.  To address these recognized environmental conditions, LEI completed an extensive Phase II Investigation to assess the condition of the soils and groundwater.  Significant gasoline-related soil and groundwater contamination was identified in the vicinity of the former USTs.  Corrective action activities to remediate the contamination involved excavation and disposal of nearly 350 tons of impacted soil; the design, construction, and operation of an air sparge/soil vapor extraction system; and the recovery of approximately 5,000 gallons of free product.

Local County Wastewater Treatment System

By Natural Resources, News

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) performed a wetland investigation of 1,850 acres of property owned by a nearby county.  Activities involved a review of available state and federal information, an on-Site review of topography, vegetation and soils, and indicators of wetland hydrology.  The investigation was consistent with state and federal guidelines.  Based on the presence of wetland areas at several locations across the Site, LEI provided recommendations for future land-use planning.


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